Austria Embassy in Kuwait

The Republic of Austria maintains an embassy in Kuwait City, Kuwait. There are no other representations of the Austrian government in the country. Kuwaiti travelers who are interested in traveling to Austria will need to apply for an Austrian visa in-person at the embassy. This is irrespective of whether the traveler is seeking a long-term or short-term visa, as all visa applications will be processed through the embassy.

Kuwaiti travelers can expect to fill out an Austrian visa application form, pay the required processing fee and submit any supporting documents related to their application. They may also be required to schedule a meeting with an embassy official in order to answer questions about their planned visit to Austria. During the meeting with the embassy official, Kuwaiti travelers will have the opportunity to submit the remaining paperwork needed to complete their visa application.

Austrian Embassy in Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kuwait City is largest city in Kuwait and also the capital of the Persian Gulf nation. It is indisputably the economic, cultural and political center of Kuwait. Kuwaiti travelers interested in knowing about the full range of services offered at the Austrian embassy can contact the embassy directly via phone or email during normal business hours. They may also contact the embassy for any visa-related queries they may have. All visa appointments at the embassy have to be scheduled in advance by the traveler before visiting the embassy.

Embassy of Austria in Kuwait City contact details:
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Daiyah, Area Nr.3 Shawki Street, house Nr. 10 P.O. Box 15013, Daiyah 35451 Kuwait, Kuwait
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(+965) 225 63 052
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(+965) 225 52 532 / (+965) 225 32 761

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