Austrian Embassy in Morocco

Moroccan travelers to the Republic of Austria will need to obtain a visa in order to visit the country. The Austrian government maintains an embassy in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. There are no other representations of the Austrian government in the Kingdom of Morocco. Interested travelers will need to apply in-person at the Austrian embassy in Rabat. This requirement applies to all Moroccan travelers regardless of the type of visa they are seeking at the embassy.

In order to apply for the Austrian visa, travelers will be expected to complete an Austrian visa application, pay the processing fee and submit the required documents. After submitting the application, travelers may be required to schedule a meeting with an embassy official in order to discuss their plans to travel and stay in Austria. In certain cases, the meeting with the embassy official can be an opportunity for travelers to submit any remaining paperwork they need to complete their visa application.

Austrian Embassy in Rabat, Morocco

Rabat is a city located on the Atlantic Ocean boasting some of the oldest historical and archeological sites of the city. Moroccan travelers will need to visit the Austrian embassy in Rabat to apply for an Austrian visa. In order to get an understanding of the full scope of services offered there, they may contact the embassy at the phone number listed below during normal business hours. Alternatively, they may want to send an email to get an answer to their visa-related queries. Travelers must always schedule their visa appointment prior to visiting the embassy.

Embassy of Austria in Rabat contact details:
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2, Zankat Tiddas BP 135 Rabat Morocco
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(+212) 537 76 54 25
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(+212) 537 76 16 98

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