Austria Embassy in Singapore

Austria’s embassy in Singapore is the only diplomatic representation in the city-state. The Austrian embassy is one of 117 foreign representations in Singapore.

Austria is a central European country with the capital in Vienna. Citizens of most countries except Schengen area members need to apply for a travel authorization to travel to Austria. This can be a Schengen Visa for Austria or an ETIAS. The Schengen Visa is applicable to all countries in the Schengen area and can only be requested at an embassy or consulate of the country of the visit. The ETIAS, on the other hand, is an electronic travel authorization that can be requested online.

Independent on the type of visa travelers are eligible for, the embassy of Austria in Singapore can provide support with visa applications, required travel documentation and other useful information.

When applying for a visa at the embassy, travelers should be aware that the process can take a few weeks. A visa application for Austria can be submitted as early as three months prior to departure. It is recommended to request a visa at least three weeks before departure, to allow enough time for processing the request.

Citizens of Singapore can contact the embassy of Austria to find out more regarding the travel authorization they need to apply for and to make an appointment if needed.
Below are the contact details of the Austrian Embassy in Singapore.

Embassy of Austria in Singapore contact details:
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600 North Bridge Road, #24-04/05 Parkview Square, Singapore 188778, Singapore
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+65 6396 6340
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+65 6396 6350

Austrian Consulates in Singapore

The Consular Section of the Austrian Embassy in Singapore is located at the same address and has the same contact information.

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